Artwork requirements


General artwork requirement

  • All BYO artworks must be ready for press and compliant to our specification
  • Colours must be set in CMYK, no PMS colours accepted
  • Convert all fonts and logo into curves or outlined shapes
  • All images must be saved in CYMK at 300dpi or 350dpi
  • “Overprint Fill” shouldn’t be ticked to avoid undesired output
  • Images are best saved as tif format before placing it in the artwork
  • Maximum 250% ink saturation to avoid back print, longer drying time and difficulty in trimming
  • Keep all text and images at least 3mm away from the trim line
  • For business cards and flyers, please use K100% border (stroke: 0.25pt) instead of crop marks, include the bleed as per different sizes, e.g. for 90x54mm business card, simply place your artwork in a 92x56mm border.
  • When printing frames in artwork, make sure the stroke is not less than 0.2mm

Dimensions of artwork (in millimeter)

 Trim SizeBleed Size
DL210 x 99212 x 101
A6105 x 148105 x 148
A5210 x 148212 x 148
A4210 x 297212 x 299
A3420 x 297422 x 299
A2420 x 594422 x 596
840 x 594842 x 596


Invoice books artwork requirement

  1. Single colour printing, please make sure you use K100% for entire artwork.
  2. Try to avoid extremely thick or think lines, make sure all lines are not thinner than 0.2mm, and all fonts, graphs and tables are at least 0.8mm away from trimline.
  3. Use 0.4mm thick frame instead of crop lines.
  4. If perforating line and numbering are on the same side, make sure at least 1cm gap is there.
  5. Perforating line is best 2cm away from trim line.
  6. Six-digit numbering can not bear any prefix letter, numbers only. If a prefix letter or “No.” is necessary, make sure it’s included in artwork.
  7. If applicable, please indicate which side the thick cardboard writing pad should be fixed: top, left, or right.


Business card artwork specification

  1. Free trimming for cards smaller than our standard (90 x 54mm), please indicate the actual trim size in file name.
  2. Artworks should be arranged (from left to right) as FRONT – BACK – Front Spot UV – Back Spot UV, one card design per file.
  3. Artworks submitted will be best in Illustrator CS version (.ai or .eps)
  4. If spot varnish is applicable, simply create another artwork by duplicating the original design, delete unnecessary elements, and change whatever left to be varnished into K100%.


Booklet artwork specification

  1. Apply 3mm bleed each side, so A4 size artwork should be 216x303mm, A5 is 216 x 154.5mm.
  2. One page per file, page number must be shown in the file name.

We appreciate your effort in meeting the requirements to help us process your order more efficiently and accurately.