About Us

Little Pigs Printing – delivering high-quality products and personalised service since 2007


Originated from an overseas trading entity serving Sydney clientele from 2003, Little Pigs Printing was formally registered and established in NSW in 2007. Determined to supply high-quality printing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses with a distinction that sets apart from competition– a truly personal, attentive and honest customer service that ensures customer satisfaction and makes the process a pleasurable one.


An arguably smallest but highly flexible team encompassed with decades of expertise in printing, graphic design, sales and marketing. We are backed with reliable printing factories, each has their own speciality and focus. A smaller team also means a flat organisation chart (no time wasted on unnecessary process). The advantage of working tightly together means we are able to process all incoming jobs, enquiries and shipments within 24 hours. We are also very strong in sourcing new products and additional post-print services. Anything you want but not listed in our product list, we’ll get it for you in no time.


All emails and inquiries are responded within hours.

Standard products come with an average of 4 to 5 working days turn-around.

Willingness to go the extra mile in search of the right product/service for clients.

All incoming artworks are checked by at least two people, from cover to cover and page-by-page, a value-added service to ensure the artwork is properly set up including resolution of all images and page order etc to make sure the final products  meet the clients’ expectation.

Corporate clients with regular printing needs such as business cards for new staff can expect graphic service with a minimal fee.

The Little Pigs Printing principle of personal and excellent customer service is evidenced by its high percentage of repeat customers.

Zoe C.